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The career diplomat has never officially declared an ambition to run for president in his home country, but his candidacy has been brought up in opinion polls as his post is believed to have raised the country's stature.

Ban, who once topped presidential surveys, saw his approval scores decline in tandem with President Park's fall as he is known to be close to Park and her party. Still, he maintains the second place in recent polls.

The 73-year-old is seen as the only remaining hope for conservative voters as there is no distinguished contender in the ruling bloc for the presidential race.

If Ban declares his candidacy in the pro-Park faction, the presidential election would be turned into a three-way race competing with candidates from the Minjoo Party and the third playing field. If he opts to create his own party, the four-way race could come, and there remains a possibility for him to join the third playing field.

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Confessions of a Self Made Fashion Superstar

Posted by huma10 on March 21st, 2018

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