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Although only small amounts of fat tissue are removed, it helps to eliminate many of the problems that can exist with traditional liposuction. First, it is an outpatient procedure Alex Smith Jersey , with the patient generally experiencing only some swelling, numbness, and some minimal bruising. Because of the solution used to perform the liposculpture, additional pain medications are rarely needed, although sometimes a sedative is administered to help the patient relax. The patient is able to drive home after having the procedure, and recovery time is usually rapid Sean Taylor Jersey , as a person can usually resume their normal daily activities in as little as one or two days. Although less invasive than liposuction, patients need to realize as with any type of surgical procedure, they need to make sure to see their doctor immediately if they develop any signs of allergic reactions or infection as a result of the procedure.

Before the liposculpture procedure begins, the surgeon will analyze the area of the body that is going to be treated. An area will be mapped out, and a series of tiny incisions will be made, each only about an eighth of an inch in length. Then Cheap Washington Redskins Hoodie , a tumescent anesthesia and saline solution is injected into the incisions. This causes the fat to become liquified, which allows it to be more easily removed by the surgeon. To remove the fat, a small microcannula is used in a sweeping back and forth motion to suction out the fat tissue.

After the procedure, the tiny incisions are covered with tape and a compression garment, but are not stitched closed. This is done to facilitate the body's natural healing process, and to allow any necessary drainage to occur. The tape can be removed after only two to three days Customized Washington Redskins Jerseys , but many patients opt to wear the compression garment for up to six weeks, as this often helps the area sculpt itself to its new appearance. This can also help to reduce the appearance of sagging skin after liposculpture, although the effectiveness of this will depend on the level of natural resilience in a person's skin.

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