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Duralumin composition: Al--Cu--Mg--Mn alloy. Duralumin has good mechanical properties, high strength (for example, 2Al2-T4 tensile strength can reach 469MPa or more), easy to process, and low density, making it light-weight Structural materials.Stainless steel scraps ss
In general hard aluminum, magnesium does not exceed 2%. Manganese can improve strength and corrosion resistance, but generally limit manganese to less than 1%, adding a small amount of titanium can refine the crystal grains, iron and silicon are limited to less than 0.5-0.6%, and it is hoped that the ratio of iron to silicon is greater than or equal to one.
The main disadvantages of duralumin are:
1) The corrosion resistance is poor, so the surface of the hard aluminum plate has to be covered with a layer of industrial pure aluminum (the thickness of pure aluminum accounts for 3-5% of the plate thickness) to become aluminum-clad duralumin. The strength decreases when there is an aluminum clad layer.JIS G4304 stainless steel plate
2) The solution treatment temperature range is narrow, and the maximum strengthening effect cannot be exerted if the temperature is lower than this temperature. If the upper limit temperature is exceeded, the grain boundary "over" may occur and the crystal grain aggregation may be destroyed.
3) The welding crack tends to be large, and it is difficult to use the fusion welding method.Multi-Purpose Galvanized Steel Wire Rope Supplier

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